Welcome to our Bakery

As a lifelong baker, I want to share the smell of fresh bread,
unique flavors, and a full stomach with others.
Find us the first Saturday of every month at the Santa Ysabel Farmers Market where all breads are welcome.

Spotlighted below are our featured breads!

Pretzel Rolls

Packed with buttery goodness, these are best enjoyed warm as a perfect side or to elevate any sandwich or burger.

Pesto Bread

A soft moist bread which can be used for all kinds of sandwiches or as a side with your next Italian meal.

White Bread

A soft, simple bread perfect for sandwiches or your next panini.

Rosemary Bread

Lightly flavored and easy to enjoy with with soup or a nice cheese spread.

English Muffin Bread

A rustic, crusty light bread with plenty of flavor. Use it for toast and let the butter soak into all the nooks and crannies.

Whole Wheat Bread

A flavorful sandwich bread made with whole wheat flour, no sugar, and local honey.